This week I felt like I got into a good groove with drawing and painting. I did end up taking Monday off – I felt like I needed a day completely off, with no obligations whatsover. Except for, you know, feeding myself and Roxy, and, like, basic hygiene. I took Roxy out for a hike, started reading a book by Isabelle Allende, and sat outside on the porch for awhile. It was really nice and rejuvenating.

For the last few months, I’ve been doing a lot of watercolors with circles and shapes drawn over them. I’m really enjoying the series, and experimenting with how to use the basic elements in different ways.

Having a voice is having a self. –Carol Gilligan

I’m also still obsessed with tiny encaustic paintings. (If you’re not familiar with encaustic paint, read this.) I’ve done a bunch that are textural accretions, like these shown below. I’ve also done some that will be backgrounds for something else. You’ll see those later! At some point, I’ll get out of my tiny rut. Probably soon, since I’m almost out of the small panels :)