2016: Getting Back on Track

Moving sucks. Don't get me wrong, I love my new house and yard, and my dog is super happy. But the process of moving was kind of an ordeal, and it killed my creativity. It completely derailed my creative drive, and I've had trouble getting back on track on any sort of regular schedule. There's always too much other stuff to do.

No more procrastinating: I decided to commit to Crystal Moody's "Year of Creative Habits" project for 2016. I need to build a solid daily habit instead of waiting for inspiration to hit (that never works out very well – there's always a new Blindspot or Chopped or Sherlock or whatever to watch). Knowing there's a community of people doing the same thing (and struggling sometimes) is great support!

I decided to structure my year so there's a lot of flexibility – each month will have a different focus, and if I get tired of that month's focus I can switch to something else. I'm keeping it super simple to start: draw something every day in January. Even easier, I'm following along with Lisa Congdon's class on Creativebug where she draws an object a bunch of different ways for a few minutes every day.

I'm drawing for a minimum of 20 minutes, which is longer than Lisa's doing, but so far it's been a great way to have a prompt and some examples/inspiration and then go off and do my own thing for the other 15 minutes. I love her approach and style. Sometimes you need to be reminded that wonky is good and what you draw doesn't need to look particularly realistic :)

I'll do a Friday post here with a wrap up of the week's drawings. No harsh judgments allowed, but maybe a little discussion about what I had trouble with or what I loved. I'm sure some of the drawings will suck. Hopefully, there'll be things I love, too! I'll also send out a letter each month to wrap things up. Join so you don't miss anything!

I'm still painting as well, so I'll also do periodic posts about what I'm working on and how it's going. I need to get back in the groove without stressing myself out and judging my work super harshly, so I'm going easy on myself and doing short sessions for now.

I hope you'll join me as I start on this journey to build a daily creative habit in 2016!